We study the cell biology of the extraocular muscles, both normal and in disease, are differentially susceptible to disease. There are extraocular muscle specific conditions, such as strabismus or infantile nystagmus, and there are muscle diseases that are preferentially spared in muscular dystrophies. Understanding the bases for these conditions will allow the development of potential therapies for their treatment.

Lab News

11/14/2019 - 17:25


  • April -  Liz Hitch and Austin Winker presented posters on the effects of fibroblast growth factor on muscle stem cell proliferation and differentiation at the annual bioengineering/stem cell institute meeting.
  • April - New review published - Rudell JC, Fleuriet J, Mustari MJ, McLoon LK. Childhood onset strabismus: a neurotrophic factor hypothesis. Invited review. PMID: 33872122. J. Binocul. Vis. Ocul. Motil. 2021;Apr 19:1-6. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33872122/
  • April - Liz Hitch and Laura Johnson were awarded a spot on the UMN Muscle Training Grant. Congrats!
  • March - Austin Winker was awarded the NSF NRT Graduate Training Program in Sensory Science Fellowship. Congrats!